At Blissful Whole Mama, we help you have a blissful, natural birth.

Imagine a birth experience that is easy... peaceful... enjoyable.

It's not too good to be true.

Want To See How We Do It?

We help pregnant women just like you get their dream birth.

In fact, our method has been used for more than 40 years, and has created over 3,000 life-changing birth experiences. 

Here are the results from some of our Blissful Mamas!

So how do we help women unlock the bliss?

Eliminate Stress & Fear

Subdue negative thoughts from traumatic stories or past experiences that can creep in and take over your brain. Mentally prepare to take on birth, without the anticipation of what could go wrong!

Grow Physical Capacity

Fuel your body to be that blissful pregnant woman, so you don’t have to just accept that feeling tired and sick is just pregnancy, and this is how you have to feel. Strengthen and optimize your body for birth. 

Be Empowered With A Plan

Create a birth plan that matches your vision and see the natural progression of birth, how it’s supposed to be without interference. Have that first moment of euphoria with your baby.


Nice To Meet You! 

Hi we're Paula - a Licensed Midwife and Homeopathic Consultant for 40+ years, and Christy - Mama to 4 babies and walking testimonial of Paula's method. 


It is our passion to educate and empower expecting mamas to have an experience they never imagined possible. And it is our mission to drown out the noise of negative pregnancy, birth and postpartum stories.

We won't stop until every mama-to-be knows how BLISSFUL their journey to baby can be.

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